Objective of VOMI
Executive-In-Residence Program

The objective of the Executive-In-Residence Program is to allow leading executives from industry, government and academia to get a real insight into the world of virtual organizations we call “The New Virtual Organization World.”

It’s an opportunity for you to gaze into (and actually experience) the future of mankind – our future.   A future of virtual organizations that we are all heading toward whether we want to or not,  regardless of where in the world we are located.


About Founder


The founder of  VOMI Executive-In-Residence  is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”), VOMI Global Think Tank, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  Virtual Residential Community Consortium, and a number of other virtual organization entities and initiatives.

Who and What We Are

Participation in the VOMI Executive-In-Residence program is  By Invitation Only for an exclusive and select number of distinguished corporate executives and future VOMI virtual organization leaders who have a deep interest in this world of virtual organizations that we are heading toward :: The New Virtual Organization World :: and want to know what it’s really like to be in the Virtual Organization Ring instead of just sitting on a fence or occupying a Virtual Organization Ringside Seat.   

It is also open to Sponsored Executives and others who are ready, willing and able to Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd.    These executives may be sponsored by their employer or any other organization. Individuals are NOT eligible to apply on their own and incur out-of-pocket expenses for this program.


How It Works

Virtual Organization Project and Guardian Assignment On Your First Day.     You will be assigned a Virtual Organization Project and Guardian on your very first day and an appropriate project timeline based on the length of your stay in the program.

Role of Your Virtual Organization Guardian.   Your Guardian’s role is to strictly observe and monitor your performance in the virtual organization environment  AND to answer all relevant questions that you may have.   The more questions you ask, the more you will learn.  He is not there to teach you the virtual organization management discipline.

No Guardian Interference in the Affairs of “Brick and Mortar” Mortals.   Your Virtual Organization Guardian is NOT allowed to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of brick and mortar mortals.   Other than giving you a layout of the virtual organization landscape,  a basic road map, and the tools that you will need in order to embark on your virtual organization journey,  your Guardian is specifically restricted from trying to manage you or enforce the rules.   Other than answering your questions, what you do with the information given is really up to you.

Judgment Day.    At the end of your journey, your Guardian will give you the results of your performance during your brief virtual organization journey.   Information that you can use to prepare yourself  for the arrival of  The New Virtual Organization World era :: thus becoming a Virtual Organization World Prepper.

Executive-In-Residence Award.    If you successfully complete your project, you will receive a VOMI Executive-In-Residence Letter of Successful Participation that you can include on your resume and social profile.





The Triumph of Failure :: And the Defeat of Success.   Opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons.   

Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations.    Opportunity to gain a deep insight into the world of virtual organizations we call “The New Virtual Organization World.”

Significant Collaboration.    Opportunity for extensive interaction with your Guardian, the founder of the virtual organization management discipline :: and colleagues from  industry, academia and government  around the globe.

A Set of Fresh Eyes.    Opportunity to look at current and planned investments in human resources and technologies as well as future R&D efforts with a set of fresh eyes.   Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of (as well as experienced) the future,  “Should You Follow the Herd or Prepare for the Future?”

A Career Game Changer.     You’ll now know what you need to do from a personal, family and career standpoint in order to prepare for the future and welcome it with open arms.  

Become a VOMI Executive-In-Residence

For Corporate and Government-Sponsored Applicants

Qualification Requirements:

  • Individuals are not allowed to apply.   You must be an Authorized Official of an organization applying for yourself or a staff member.

Application Process:

VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program Fees

For Corporate and Government-Sponsored Program Participants:

  • 30-Day Program   ::   USD $15,000
  • 90-Day Program   ::   USD $45,000
  • 180-Day Program ::   USD $90,000
  • 1-Year Program     ::  USD $150,000

Crypto Currency Payment Information:

  • Effective January 1, 2019, we only accept the digital currency CloudCoin.
  • A combination of USD and CloudCoin can also be used for payment of one membership.
  • Additional information will be provided upon membership approval.

Program Terms

  1. EXECUTIVE-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT.   As a condition of participation in the program,  the organization placing this order (“Sponsoring Organization”)  agrees that all current and future content of the VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program (“EIR Program”)  website, including all embedded links to both internal and external content and sources, has been used,  and will continue to be used,  as the sole basis for entering into this agreement and becoming a member of the EIR Program.   Furthermore,  the Sponsoring Organization agrees that the addition of new content unacceptable to the Sponsoring Organization shall never constitute the basis for requesting a cancellation of  Sponsoring Organization’s membership prior to the end of the term of the EIR Program and to request a refund.
  2. TERM OF AGREEMENT. The term of the EIR Program is for the period selected on the Executive-In-Residence application form from the time of receipt of full payment of the EIR Program fee.   Membership applies to the specific individual applicant representing their organization.      In the event that the Executive terminates his employment or tenure, or is no longer, at said organization,   such Executive’s membership in the EIR Program will automatically terminate, and the Executive’s replacement will automatically fulfill  the remaining term of the former Executive.   To effect such change, submit a petition to the founder of the VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program at chairman@virtualorganizationinstitute.com.
  3. REFUND POLICY.   Once payment for the membership has been duly authorized by an authorized official of,  AND PAID by,  said Sponsoring Organization, then NO REFUND shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever.   In addition, in the event that a Sponsoring Organization terminates their membership prior to the end of the term of their membership,  NO PRO-RATA REFUND of the membership fee shall be made.
  4. OFFICIAL VENUE.  The official and proper jurisdiction for all disputes regarding this agreement shall be in the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This Agreement shall be governed by California law without reference to its conflicts of law principles.
  5. AGREEMENT TO TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP.   By submitting the application, the applicant or other duly authorized official hereby agrees to and binds their Sponsoring Organization to the terms of this membership.


One Question

Why Should I Participate in the Executive-In-Residence Program?

It’s an opportunity for you to Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd.

You should participate only if you believe in The Idea Behind VOMI Executive-In-Residence.   We believe it’s absolutely critical that you have fully grasped the meaning and importance of the opportunities that have been presented  before you and your organization.

In any case, here are some of the opportunities that we are making available to you:    

  • Flexibility::  
    • If you are being sponsored by your employer or other organization.    You will be working with us on a full-time basis during the entire duration of your stay with us.  No need to worry about trying to meet the demands of both your employer and the VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program.     
  • A chance to gaze into your future:   this world of virtual organizations we are all headed toward whether we want to or not ::  “The New Virtual Organization World.”  
  • It’s an opportunity for you to see  for yourself  how well your current skills and capabilities  measure up in that new world  and the steps you need to take in order to begin to prepare yourself for what’s coming down the pike.  
  • It’s also an opportunity for you to begin to explore opportunities that you never thought of or were even aware of.
  • And last but not least, it’s an opportunity for you to stop and think and regroup in terms of all your current assumptions of what the future holds for you and your family, your career, and your organization and begin to look at things with a fresh set of eyes.  

As well, admission is not automatic.


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June 30, 2018.   Cryptocurrency Payment Information.  Effective July 1, 2018  we now accept ALL cryptocurrencies (including CloudCoin) for all VOMI Executive-In-Residence program fees and all other VOMI-related or affiliated annual consortium membership dues.

June 30, 2018.   Payment in National Currency for a Limited Time Only.   Effective July 1 – August 31, 2018.  All new members who are Non-US residents will be able to pay their VOMI Executive-In-Residence program fees and all other VOMI-related or affiliated annual consortium membership dues in their own national currency.  For example, instead of paying  $150,000 US Dollar for the VOMI Executive-In-Residence 1-Year Program or $1 Million US Dollar for membership in one of our consortia,  a new member from Russia would pay 150,000 Russian Ruble or 1 Million Russian Ruble, respectively (an equivalent of USD $2388.96  or  USD $15,926.43 as of June 30, 2018).      

June 28, 2018.   An Official Global Ambassador AGENT  

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Launch of The New Virtual Organization World Collection

We are very pleased to announce the launch of  The New Virtual Organization World Collection.

Focus on Sponsored Executives

Effective September 1, 2016 until further notice, VOMI will temporarily suspend sending out invitations to executives for our VOMI  BY INVITATION ONLY program.

VOMI will instead focus on Sponsored Executives  who are able to participate in the program on a full-time basis during the duration of their stay in the program.

Launch of VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program

We are very pleased to announce the launch of  VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program, effective May 1, 2016.

We look forward to seeing you gaze into your future, this world of virtual organizations we call “The New Virtual Organization World.”


Contact Information

  • Pierre Coupet
  • Founder
  • support@virtualorganizationinstitute.com
  • CHAT
  • Technical Support:  +1 818-741-1123

Official Mailing Address

  • VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program
  • Care of: Virtual Organization Management Institute
  • 17412 Ventura Blvd., #283
  • Encino, CA 91316 USA