How It Works

Virtual Organization Project and Guardian Assignment On Your First Day.     You will be assigned a Virtual Organization Project and Guardian on your very first day and an appropriate project timeline based on the length of your stay in the program.

Role of Your Virtual Organization Guardian.   Your Guardian’s role is to strictly observe and monitor your performance in the virtual organization environment  AND to answer all relevant questions that you may have.   The more questions you ask, the more you will learn.  He is not there to teach you the virtual organization management discipline.

No Guardian Interference in the Affairs of “Brick and Mortar” Mortals.   Your Virtual Organization Guardian is NOT allowed to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of brick and mortar mortals.   Other than giving you a layout of the virtual organization landscape,  a basic road map, and the tools that you will need in order to embark on your virtual organization journey,  your Guardian is specifically restricted from trying to manage you or enforce the rules.   Other than answering your questions, what you do with the information given is really up to you.

Judgment Day.    At the end of your journey, your Guardian will give you the results of your performance during your brief virtual organization journey.   Information that you can use to prepare yourself  for the arrival of  The New Virtual Organization World era :: thus becoming a Virtual Organization World Prepper.

Executive-In-Residence Award.    If you successfully complete your project, you will receive a VOMI Executive-In-Residence Letter of Successful Participation that you can include on your resume and social profile.