The Triumph of Failure :: And the Defeat of Success.   Opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons.   

Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations.    Opportunity to gain a deep insight into the world of virtual organizations we call “The New Virtual Organization World.”

Significant Collaboration.    Opportunity for extensive interaction with your Guardian, the founder of the virtual organization management discipline :: and colleagues from  industry, academia and government  around the globe.

A Set of Fresh Eyes.    Opportunity to look at current and planned investments in human resources and technologies as well as future R&D efforts with a set of fresh eyes.   Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of (as well as experienced) the future,  “Should You Follow the Herd or Prepare for the Future?”

A Career Game Changer.     You’ll now know what you need to do from a personal, family and career standpoint in order to prepare for the future and welcome it with open arms.  

Become a VOMI Executive-In-Residence

For Corporate and Government-Sponsored Applicants

Qualification Requirements:

  • Individuals from the general public are not allowed to apply.   You must be an Authorized Official of an organization applying for yourself or a staff member.
  • Obtain a Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations.    Go to Virtual Organization Advisors and submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership.  Participation in the VOMI Executive-In-Residence program is too important a financial and business decision to make on a whim.

Application Process:

VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program Fees

For Corporate and Government-Sponsored Program Participants:

(CloudCoin Trading Value $0.01)

  • 30-Day Program   ::   USD $15,000  ::  OR 150,000 CloudCoins
  • 90-Day Program   ::   USD $45,000 ::   OR 450,000 CloudCoins
  • 180-Day Program ::   USD $90,000 ::   OR 900,000 CloudCoins
  • 1-Year Program     ::  USD $150,000 :: OR 1.5 Million CloudCoins

Digital Currency Payment Information

  • We only accept the digital currency CloudCoin.
  • Additional information will be provided upon program enrollment approval.